they think they are  very important as they are-but in nowadays society they are not!

They need to be loved and admired as it is their life wire.

Both sides trapped in one person-always sliding from good to bad - hardly feeling the balance mostly feeling sad.

So wide open and yet so closed.

Soul searching for the most!

So introverted and yet so self conscious about themselves-

sensitive, vulnerable, pathetic, euphoric, eccentric, extraordinary, addicted, arrogant....


in essence an adventure of LIFE!!!


(dedicated to my PRINCE, London 2002)









Denn jene Gedanken, die ich hegte, nicht verstand und doch pflegte,

wurden WIRKLICHKEIT und mein LEBEN!

Ja so ist das eben mit dem DENKEN-

es kann einem WUNDEN oder WUNDER schenken!!! 


       (meinem Sohn Victor/VIKKI gewidmet)